Between 2516 and 2700, Modern Russia emerged as a successor from the former sovereign state of The Soviet Empire, creating and ratifying a new constitution, and establishing a new, more democratic government. In order to assert democracy, Modern Russian nationalists and radicals launched a military campaign against The Soviet Empire to overthrow and replace their government. The Modern Russian nationalists declared independence and war in 2517, determined to recognize every man's civil rights. A militia was formed, named the Civil Soldiers and the militia forged an alliance with The Polish Republic and the Dictatorship of China, and was able to desolate the Soviet Empire's army. The Modern Russian nationalists soon overthrew the government and imposed their own.

The formation of Modern Russia took over three years, after having to deal with setting laws and a creating a government where not one person or group was in charge and where the power was balanced. Eventually, Modern Russian independence was recognized by the Dictatorship of China on June 3rd, 2521. The Modern Russian government was done forming by September, 2521. The first Modern Russian national election was held on the year of 2522 when Mark Buklehv was elected as the first president of Modern Russia, forming the Buklehv administration within the government.

Modern Russia continued to have elections, with presidential terms ending every five years. However, Modern Russian peace was disturbed on 2581, when The Anti-Communist Rebellion broke out and threatened the communist Modern Russian government. The rebellion was vanquished on 2584, when the Modern Russian government defeated the rebel cells.

Modern Russia continued to enjoy a period of peace until 2611, when The Great War of Asia broke out. Modern Russia remained neutral until 2617, when an unexpected attack from India forced Modern Russia to join The Nobles of Asia. The war ended on 2621, when The Nobles of Asia won the war.

Worldwide peace broke out from 2622 to 2680, when the War of Mutual Destruction broke out after there was a disagreement between many countries over the policy of nuclear warheads. Modern Russia remained neutral until their Center for Nuclear Technology was hacked. Modern Russia allied itself with The Reasonables. The war ended in 2694 with The Reasonables losing to The Mutuals. Modern Russia was penalized by some of their land being annexed by The Ukrainian Empire.

Modern Russia remained undisturbed up until 2700 when the entire world went to war after the controversial assassinations of American president Garret Merkez and Islandic emperor Adam Zavner.

Background Edit

During the 25th and early 26th centuries, the Soviet Empire began to take away people's rights as individuals so that the Soviet Empire became more and more totalitarian, monitoring all personal and public relationships and activities. All new homes built after 2410, were built with hidden cameras to be monitored by local governments which would be transferred to a state government which would be transferred to a regional government which would be transferred to the national government.

All of this totalitarian processes and these losses of civil rights and privacy angered the citizens of the empire. Eventually, citizens began to form radical groups such as Russian Glory and The Defenders of Rights. These radical groups led terrorist attacks against the government and any supporters of it. These radical groups gained momentum and support, even hacking governmental websites.

After years of tension, this tension burst and the radical groups formed militias uniting into one large group known as the Civil Soldiers, declaring independence and war in 2517.

Modern Russian Revolution Edit

Main article: Modern Russian Revolution

Initial declaration of war and independence Edit

On March 12, 2517 the radical groups of Russian Glory and The Defenders of Rights merged together to form a militia. The militia planned to travel to the capitol of The Soviet Empire, Stalin's Capitol and bomb the Building of National Defense. Afterwards, they planned to declare independence from the Soviet Empire and to declare war on the Soviet Empire.

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