Modern Russia
Modern Russian flag
Political Information
Type of Government Democratic republic
Founding Document Declaration of Modern Russian Independence
Constitution Constitution of Modern Russia
Head of State President
Executive Branch Presidential administration
Legislative Branch Modern Russian Branch of Security
Judicial Branch Modern Russian Supreme Judiciary Division
Branches of Military -Modern Russian Army

-Modern Russian Marine Corps

-Modern Russian Navy

-Modern Russian Airforce

National Motto Recognizing every man and woman's rights.
National Anthem Modern Russian Glory Below A Soviet Sun
Independence Declared March 15, 2517
Independence Recognized June 3, 2521
Total Area {in kilometers} 17,698 squared kilometers
Economic System Communism
Type of Currency Russian peso
Demonym (Modern) Russian
Capital Moscow
Societal Information
Population 321.345 million
Official Languages -Russian (at federal level)

-Ukrainian (recognized)

Practiced Religions -Christianity (93%)

-Judaism (6%)

-Islam (1%)

National Holidays -Independence Day (March 15)

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